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Community-Wide Shelter-in-Place Drill Planned

January 27, 2023/By: Bluewater Association for Safety, Environment, and Sustainability

BASES and CAER will be organizing a community-wide Shelter-in-Place awareness campaign as part of this year’s Emergency Preparedness Week, which runs nationally from May 1-7, 2023.

Local businesses and community members are encouraged to review their Shelter-in-Place emergency plans and look to schedule a Shelter-in-Place drill during this year’s Emergency Preparedness Week. Developing and practicing emergency plans before an event allows individuals to test their plans in a controlled environment to ensure proper preparedness in the event of a true emergency.

There are several different scenarios that may require a Shelter-in-Place order to be called, including:

  • A natural disaster such as an extreme weather event
  • An industrial incident
  • A biological or chemical release
  • an act of terrorism

If it is deemed that is safest to go and remain indoors, a Shelter-in-Place order will be issued by the City of Sarnia, or adjacent municipality. If you are told to Shelter-in-Place, it is recommended that you SHELTER, SHUT & STAY TUNED.


  • Bring all people and pets inside and STAY INSIDE


  • Close all windows and secure doors


  • Sign up for My Community Notification Network alerts to receive important notifications
  • View active alerts at
  • Tune into local media outlets

Sarnia-Lambton has 15 emergency sirens that are used by the municipality to alert the public in the event of an emergency when public action is required, including Shelter-in-Place orders. These sirens are tested every Monday at 12:30pm for 30 seconds. It is important to know that in the event of a real emergency, the sirens will have a sharper sound and will sound for 9 minutes.

To receive more information about Shelter-in-Place planning or to sign up to receive a Shelter-in-Place toolkit, email Tracy at [email protected].