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The Design

The Bluewater Association for Safety, Environment, and Sustainability (BASES) builds a bridge between three reputable organizations, creating one unifying brand for:

  • Sarnia-Lambton Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER)
  • Sarnia-Lambton Environmental Association (SLEA)
  • Sarnia-Lambton Industrial Educational Cooperative (IEC)

The Logo

The BASES logo includes interlocking shields indicating protection and collaboration.  The inclusion of the word ‘sustainability’ embeds the ideal that work done to meet the needs of today must also meet the needs of our future generations.

Community Updates

For many decades industry have followed formal notification processes to ensure all emergency teams (municipal, First Nations, mutual aid resources) were aware of emergency events at member sites and status of their respective response. Through the use of modern technologies, this process is now being enhanced to allow industry to share these updates with the public via posts to this website and subscriber texts/emails.

Similarly, notification of non-emergency events at sites are openly shared for public access either through this site or through subscription.  This unparalleled demonstration of full transparency by our member companies removes uncertainties, builds confidence, and ultimately fosters trust over time.

Listening to our Community

Feedback received during the development of BASES made it clear that visitors to our site wanted information about what it is like to work in Sarnia, how the environment was assessed/protected, and what processes were in place to help the public prepare for an emergency.  These topics are explored in detail on the BASES site with links to additional resources and tools that are commonly accessed by local companies, regulators, workers, researchers, and public interests.  The homepage most prominently highlights three of these tools as:

  • Clean Air Sarnia & Area (CASA)
  • My Community Notification Network (My CNN)
  • IEC Regional Course Registration App

Community feedback was particularly clear on the need for the site to include references and resources around how best to prepare for an emergency.  There was a corresponding ask for the website to include descriptions of relatively serious emergency incidents in the region – not to show blame but to share key lessons learned.  Dedicated tabs are prominently included on the homepage, including ‘news and learning’ link that allows our sites to share real stories of projects, initiatives, and learnings about the exceptional individuals who work at our member sites and live in this area.

History and Governance

Finally, dedicated pages are also provided for CAER, IEC and SLEA to share the proud history of each group – including their respective impacts on the region since the 1950s and the contribution the region has made around the world as a benchmark of excellence.  Governance models are described, including how the Board of Directors for CAER includes ex-officio appointments from four municipalities and Aamjiwnaang First Nation, and how the Board of Directors for the IEC includes ex-officio appointments from Lambton College and the Sarnia Construction Association; demonstrating respect, teamwork, and trust at the highest levels.