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Our Environmental Monitoring Networks

Downriver Monitoring Station

The BASES Downriver Monitoring Station is independently funded by BASES but operated at arms-length by a third-party contractor. It is located on the Canadian side of the St. Clair River at a location that is directly south of concentrated industrial activities upstream in Sarnia and St. Clair Township. The station includes an auto sampling system that pulls from an inlet that extends out from the shoreline into the main flow of the river. These samples are then automatically sent to modern analytical equipment located at the station for immediate processing. Outliers in the data are reported into BASES members for review and response as required. In the event of an incident at any site, all BASES members and regulatory officials are provided with downriver readings as needed. 

Air Monitoring Stations

BASES Air Monitoring Stations are also independently funded by BASES and operated by a third-party contractor. Information about the air monitoring stations may be found at our CASA website that is also fully funded through BASES to provide public access to all ambient air monitoring information in the Sarnia-Lambton airshed.