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BASES Safety Partnership Worker Recognition Program

January 26, 2024/By: Bluewater Association for Safety, Environment, and Sustainability


BASES is thrilled to announce the launch of the Safety Partnership’s Worker Recognition Program, an initiative aimed at acknowledging the exemplary efforts of local workers dedicated to fostering a culture of safety in Sarnia-Lambton. This program reflects the community’s unwavering commitment to prioritize workplace safety and recognize those who actively contribute to its enhancement.

Through the Safety Partnership Worker Recognition Program, BASES aims to amplify the impact of safety initiatives by extending recognition beyond individual workplaces, fostering a sense of pride and collaboration throughout the region. The nomination process enables us to showcase real-life, local examples of worker safety, which we can integrate into our training courses, newsletters, and social media channels. This approach not only fosters trust between industry and the community but also promotes a culture of continuous improvement, contributing to the development of a vibrant, prosperous region.

Nomination Process:

Any full-time, part-time, and contracted workers who are employed within the Safety Partnership tripartite (industrial organizations, contractors and labour unions) who exhibit exemplary safety behavior are eligible to be nominated. Nominations should highlight specific instances of safe practices, proactive safety measures, and contributions to safety improvement.

Award Categories:

  1. Innovation – Recognize workers that have come up with innovative safety solutions, such as new safety protocols, tools, or equipment that enhance workplace safety.
  2. Leadership & Mentoring – Recognize workers who consistently prioritize and promote safety within their respective teams or departments.
  3. Compliance – Recognize workers for maintaining compliance with safety regulations and company policies.
  4. Intervention & Prevention – Acknowledge workers who have identified and reported potential hazards in the workplace, contributing to proactive safety measures.

Awards Committee:

The Safety Partnership Worker Recognition Awards Committee, comprising representatives from BASES, contracting companies, trade unions, and industrial organizations, will review nominations annually and select recipients for each award category. Award recipients will be announced at the annual BASES Health & Safety Forum.

The Safety Partnership Worker Recognition Program emphasizes our collective commitment to safety excellence and recognizes the invaluable contributions of workers in maintaining a safe and thriving work environment. We invite you to nominate an individual today who exemplifies the highest standards of safety.

Click here to access our online Worker Recognition Form: Worker Recognition Form