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CAER Subcommittees reinvigorated

December 11, 2020/By: Shaun Bisson

Enbridge Pipelines

The CAER Board of Directors is pleased to announce the activation of three new regional CAER subcommittees.  Each of the following subcommittees enables regional sharing and alignment as listed below:

  • Fire Subcommittee – fire response procedures, equipment and training
  • Pipeline Subcommittee – management of emergency response processes that are specific to pipeline scenarios
  • Traffic Subcommittee – regional traffic management during emergencies

Each of the subcommittees have met and are reviewing their respective scope and priorities for 2021.  The Fire Subcommittee has a clear mandate with several projects initiated or under review. The Pipeline Subcommittee is establishing a baseline of regional pipeline networks and exploring a more formal connection to TRANSCAER®.  The Traffic Subcommittee has already started assessments of existing traffic control measures / equipment and are exploring the inclusion of Regional Security Strategy into their scope.

All three subcommittees exist under the CAER Regional Emergency Management Committee that ultimately reports up to the CAER Board of Directors.  This three tiered structure ensures a direct line of sight to regional leaders and promotes coordination of local government and industry response teams to identify new strategies and projects to further the continuous improvement of Emergency Preparedness in the Sarnia-Lambton area.

This creates a highly structured management of change process and provides clear guidance to the committees and subcommittees on how regional initiatives will be adopted, maintaining Sarnia-Lambton CAER as a world leader in Emergency Preparedness.